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Happy Cinco de Mayo! Or as I refer to it as - St. Patrick's Day for Mexicans.


maybe DK is just mad that he never won an election, and Bonart finally did.

Max Powers


Why would DK be mad?

As a lobbyist, he is effectively a better paid legislator, and does not have to waste his weekends at community forums.




Max, it was intended to be funny. That is all. I have no skin in this game.

Max Powers


Fair enough.

Sometimes comments don’t capture intonation.




DK is mad because Woody doesn't get another Woody and the land.

By tor

When are you going to realize that El Paso is fine being a sleepy little town in the middle of no where. What on earth would we gain from trying to be like Phoenix, San Antonio, or Las Vegas? Those cities are filled with nothing but fake people, overcrowded attractions, and horrible traffic.

Save the wide open spaces and don't fence me in.

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