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The warding off of consultants is a stupid move for Beto. He is sinking fast in the polls and among donors. I don't think social media can help him win an election of this magnitude. Oh and since we are at it, Max, please tell your friends that Dee Margo's social media sucks. On the other end of the spectrum, would hate to see someone lose just because of careless social media strategy. Get it together.


THE MAYOR of Austin supported the Buttfucker guy. Isnt the Austin Mayor one of Shap's clones ? So Shap has dropped Beto ?


Why Max, is that really you? Everyone told me that you ran away to join the circus as the world's tallest midget. Glad to have you back! And as far as Beto goes, he's going to really kill it by playing the race card in the primaries by saying something to the effect of, 'If elected, I'm going to put a chicken enchilada in every pot.' If he says that, then in Jan. 2021 they're going to add a wing onto the White Hou...err, I mean the Gringo Casa by adding a Whataburger - southwest wing....of course.

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