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Who Cares

Good post. Checked out your link. It is mind boggling why Blanco would want to pass a law allowing a government body to negotiate in private. Dumb move for Blanco


Has Blanco lost his political common sense? The BIGGER question is WHY does UMC (fingers do point to UMC) or any hospital district need to CONDUCT CLOSED MEETINGS TO DELIBERATE CERTAIN ISSUES? Hospitals deal with health care.

Sure looks like Blanco is not on the "A" team in the Texas House as neither his Democratic colleagues nor Speaker's leadership team blocked Blanco from moving the bill along. Instead they sent him to the guillotine. As you say Max the bill didn't die honorably in the committee cemetery it was sent to the Floor of the House for an embarrassing vote.

Curious. How did the El Paso delegation vote?

Investigative and legislative reporting are Zahira Torres career roots so why wouldn't she (El Paso Times Editor) assign an investigative or legislative reporter to dig?

Zahira Torres needs to be taken to the woodshed. She has been a big disappointment. So much potential and she continues to be Bob Moore's pansy.

Thanks for sharing Max. Sounds fishy! Been out of the country.

Max Powers

To be fair WSA,

It was voted down IN committee, not the House Floor. Point remains the same, if you do not have the votes, normally you let it die peacefully.




I’m impressed that Blanco has taken a break from citizenship classes and phone interviews since he’s never in El Paso, to file any bill that made it so far to get a vote. Blanco is a waste of space.

Ordaz for State Rep

Is Cesar even news? He was stripped off all decent committee assignments, his staff is a complete joke. They are clueless and self-important. What makes this guy tick? No one takes him seriously in the Lege. Now there are rumblings that he wants to run for Senate? For Buddha's sake people, wake up. This guy has done absolutely nothing for his district. I say Claudia Ordaz needs to step up to the plate soon.


Max Cesar's UMC bill voted down in committee is better than the House floor. Good grief.

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