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Fuck Baytoe

Watching the evening news on Feb. 6, the anchorperson reported on the president's State of the Union address and displayed a chart showing the drop in illegal crossing since border fence was built. More dramatically, it showed the drop in illegal crossings after the program “Hold the Line" was put in place.

This was not a wall or barrier but a deterrent of vehicles and Border Patrol agents within sight of each other. It worked very effectively. The numbers on the chart show the drop in illegal crossings. I believe this produced the numbers that originally supported building a solid wall.

I suggest those people in favor of having open borders or sanctuary cities and states take the initiative by removing walls, wrought iron doors and windows from their properties and welcome all comers. Provide them shelter, jobs, transportation, medical assistance and if they demand more, let them sue you and provide them legal assistance.

Build the wall where most effective and get on to addressing other pressing issues.

Charles Mais

Max, you should have setup a Paypal for people to send money to pay for all those people that ICE released downtown a free ride to Beto's home in the Willows and his Capital Cronyism father in law where ever he lives. I bet you could collect a good sum if you have anonymous donations.

Enough of Beto

I felt so sorry for Veronica Escobar. She is our Congressman and received absolutely no significant media coverage. Beto is no longer in office and yet continues to have a full staff following him around. Beto can scream FUCK all day long and she says "no mames" and that's a news story. Please focus on the real elected officials.


Beto said to let them all in. Am I the only one who seems to think that is a dumb idea? Give me one good reason we should let them all in, i.e., what's in it for me (WIIFM - the station everyone listens to)?

I get what's in it for them, but why are our political leaders advocating open borders?


The answer is WHO CARES! All the people that showed up don't bother to vote, they don't show up to volunteer when it matters, they blame everyone for their own laziness and apathy. I see a million selfies but none of those people bother to vote when it matters. You all are fakes! TRUMP wins this one since El Paso is pathetic.


*Formally, 'The Raging Chihuahua'. I agree, who cares?* Will someone explain to me the new 'wall = racist' ratio? I mean, since 55 miles is no longer considered to be racist, then is 110 kinda racist, 165 very racist? When someone cuts me off in traffic with a Mexican licence plate, my 'wall tolerance' goes from 55 to 220 with extra barbed wire, if you know what I mean. BTW- my fellow 915ers really disappointed me. I was expecting an abundance of mentally unstable fireworks at the Beto rally, but all you gave me was a sparkler. Come on now. There is no "i" in train wreck. Well, metaphorically speaking.


Max, did you see Trump's tweet upon leaving El Paso ?

"Thank you to the people of El Paso for such a good time. I'm fucking stuck in traffic since I-10 is closed. Why is there so many pinche Chihuahua plates ? Manejan pa la verga estos culeros. #Betoisgay

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