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El Paso has a wall (sort of) that works. Unfortunately it keeps in the people we don't need, too.

Impeach Hernandez

Clearly Trump has met Cassandra Hernandez. That bitch will steal your panties and beat your ass outside of Cinci. Then she will run for office, date a lobbyist, leak documents illegally and lie her ass off about it. El Paso is in danger with her in any leadership position.

Who Cares

Trump actually helps with messaging that El Paso is a safe city. How many of us have heard from friends and family around the USA that ask us if we are safe when the media reports about the cartel violence in Juarez. So we should thank the guy for trying to build up our tourism. Is is undeniable that Operation Hold the Line did in fact reduce crime. It is undeniable that when a better fence was built through El Paso it reduced crime. After 9/11 increased security at ports of entry reduced crime. So Mr. Margo and Ms. Escobar get over it.


I love how you and others like David Anus come up with every way possible to support the president without actively supporting the President.

You'll even sell out your own City that you claim to care about in order to do it.

The Raging Chihuahua

At first I thought it was rather foolish for the Prez to show up, but now I do see some logic in this. You will see the typical moronic, ignorant El Pasoan screaming and yelling while holding up some idiotic signs while chanting some quasi coherent slogan. Hell, some of these "Mensa members" might even wear some "authentic" cultural garb (Walmart - made in China) to accentuate their lunacy. Then Mr. and Ms. America will turn on their idiot boxes to watch this nonsense and think to themselves that if this is Trump's opposition, then maybe he's correct after all.

Ghost from Border Past



After Bush put up the wall no illegals have been run over crossing Paisano.

Hell, even Billy Boy didn't even run over one. He ran over a homeless American.

Who Cares

That's true Raging Chihuahua. Let's see what kind of asses the anti-Trumpers make out of themselves. Just shines a really great light on El Paso doesn't it? Makes the tourists want to flock here to see the crazies. I can't wait for Mayor Margo and Escobar to spin the picture and make it sound like we are just good folks here expressing our opinions. Maybe John Cook will sing a song too and CNN will interview him.

The Raging Chihuahua

OK, maybe I'm being a bit hypocritical here, but tears WILL be streaming down my chubby, middle aged, not-very-attractive, pale face from all of the laughter the moment I see someone wear a baseball cap that says, "Make America Indigenous Again." And if you're honest, you'll be laughing too.


Maybe it should be "Make America Really Indigenous Again" so they can call it a MARIA cap?

Down with Brown

Watching the press conference held by Escobar, please build a wall around the thief Cassandra Hernandez Brown.

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