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Leeser's independence restored some confidence in city government after the ballpark fiasco destroyed it. Unlike his predecessor, he seemed to understand the basics of business management, too, not that Margo does not. It's just that Margo is so obviously the Hunt-Foster rep on CC even without a vote. But then he was when he ran for state office. WYSIWYG.

Houghton is a loser

word is that Houghton wants to run for Mayor. His only endorsements are Escobar and Byrd.

JerryK fan

JerryK is right. Many of us knew Oscar in High School and he is basically the same person. He is not an asshole like Dee who without his wife and father in law would be nothing.


Fan, thanks for the shout out. I did not grow up here and so had no knowledge of Leeser's standing in the community. In fact, I was surprised at the reception to his candidacy; he seemed like a really decent guy to me. As for Adair Margo, she is a class act IMO and I have told her more than once I would vote for her for any office she might run for:) But she won't.

Claudia Ordaz for Mayor

Margo is done. Anyone but Margo.


Jerryk, agree on Adair. She is a class act. She would do better than her husband at running for anything, but i guess she wants to keep him happy.

You should run for something Jerry.

Brown and proud

I have to write this here since Jaime Abeytia won't post my comments. What is Jaime's problem with people that are making a living in the political world? These people are working to support their families, pay their bills and stay off welfare. Why does he feel compelled to berate them? His continued rants on consultants that compete with his "friends" is down right pathetic. He should be sued for trying to destroy people in their line of business with no real substance other than his BS gossip. Here is my advice to Jaime. Please get a job. It is clear that your friends Limon, Holguin and company see you as a tremendous liability and won't put you on their team at least publicly. Unless you can contribute to this world in a positive way, please stop destroying people that try to go out and earn a living. You may not agree with what they do, but based on your blog, you are no one to be making moral judgments in any capacity. So stop calling yourself a Chicano. True chicanos support our brothers and sisters not tear them down. You sir are no Chicano.


This is hands down the dumbest thing I have ever read on this blog. Get it together FFS.

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