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Rico Suave

Dee Margo for Mayor...Yes...He is only as good as the team around him.

Who Cares

It is no secret that Margo and Houghton have disliked each other for many, many years. Remember - they both sell insurance. Has nothing to do with politics.

I think Margo is doing an okay job. I thought Leeser did an okay job. So either one of them running is fine with me.

If I was Cassandra I would pass on the Mayor race. Not worth the personal insults, lies and everything else that goes with it. She has young kids to worry about.


Who is going to run against Dee? By my guesstimation, about a third of the town, just like last time. Hell, I've got nothing better to do, so maybe I should run! Of course I want to keep my anonymity, so I hope you all understand that I'm going to wear my pro wrestling 'Rey Mysterio' mask all of the time. My campaign slogan is blunt and to the point: I will rule over this town with an iron fist and an iron brain to match!!!


ANONYMOUS. I'll vote for you as soon as I know who the fuck you are. Exceptions: Joyce Wilson; Carmen A-C; Dee Margo; Usual Suspects; me.


Carmen lover

What do you have against Carmen Arrieta Candelaria? She is so awesome.


Carmen, are you kidding ? She and Wilson fucked this town up more than anyone. I doubt she could get a job at Lauterbach or balance my checkbook.

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