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Beto? You mean the guy who had barriers at his own rally? And just when I thought he couldn't get any more bats hit crazier than his website, betofortexas. May I ask this question- How many of you had your lives damaged because we have a wall that's now over a decade old? Yeah, me neither.

Baytoe is full of cheet

I suggest Baytoe take the initiative by removing walls, wrought iron doors and windows from his properties and welcome all comers. Provide them shelter, jobs, transportation, medical assistance and if they demand more, let them sue you and provide them legal assistance.

He lives in the Willows with double barrier walls. What a hypocrite.

Tx Dot retiree

Can someone please remove Cassandra brown from office ? She’s the real piece of shit in this entire conversation. Thief, liar, unethical and a friend of Ted Houghton. What bigger piece of shit can you ask for.


I thought this issue came up when he was asked this question. The way I see it is that they want him to answer the question so that can call him the open borders guy. Also, to the dude that keeps saying he lives in the Willows please stop it. Everyone knows he lives in Sunset. Sorry for the nonsequitir.

richard sessa

beto o Rourke is a piece of shit

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