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You sound jealous, he’s got the looks that you will never have

I will do the same thing

Cesar went from having 125K to 210K in cash on hand. Can we all agree he is going to replace el viejito as a senator?

Max Powers


He could have been a Congressman, and now given his recent assignments in the House his best move would be to go to the Senate once Jose retires which I imagine he will.



Blanco is on his last term

No amount of money in his campaign can overcome the very apparent "slight" he was given in committee assignments. He is clearly not on the right team.

Margo Blew It

Max, did you see Margo on one of the morning news shows on Sunday and he blew it. At least say how this border had car thefts and crime up the ass till Silver did hold the line and then Bush built our wall and crime in El Paso has plummeted. I guess he didnt want to hurt anyone's feelings ? Fuck, i bet there hasnt been an illegal alien run over while crossing Paisano between the train station and the train bridge at Asarco in years. And no, Billy ran over a homeless guy who may have tried to commit suicide and Billy tried to pull a Bayto and flee the scene, but i guess he was to drunk. Shit, i bet i havent ran over an illegal in that area in years.

High as a kite

Margo Blew It, what are you on?

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