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Rico Suave

Good advice...
Austin does have UBER but Austin "Weird"

F.A. Sommerfeld


Pest control

My advice is to lose the weight....Abeytia, Limon and Holguin. Those parasites are looking for a host. Kick them to the curb before they destroy your career


Speaking of Abeytia. I hate to break it to you Max, but you are no longer the object of Jaime's affection. In case you haven't heard, Jaime has moved his sights from the blogs to consulting. His obsession with FORMA from afar has now become a story from Great Expectations. He is now running in the circles of political advisors. I find it amusing that he finds it a "best practice" to admonish other consultants while his own recent portfolio of "clients" has more losses than wins. Not to mention his wife suffered an embarrassing loss for JP because of his reputation.
I supported Fierro. I believe he was the best man for the job but I was deeply disappointed in the people that ran his campaign. They are far from professional, clearly had their own personal agendas and in my opinion they will not be able to help Fierro grow as a politician. Their behavior is risky, particularly considering Jaime continues to blog about individuals in our communities with half truths and irrelevant gossip brings great risk to his clients and his firm.

The world is ending

Jaime is a consultant?! Oh lord help me. I can't stop laughing.


Cesar does plenty just by being Cesar, he has the looks most men envy.


Burman, the beautiful Kathryn was never married to Jaime and will never be. I heard she dropped the dead weight! She will be better off and have a bright future!

E. K.

I don't know who Kathryn is but I am assuming it is the one who lost the JP race. As expected Jaime wrote his post about his obsession FORMA. True to form, he just cannot help himself. He is such a liability to anyone that would be ridiculous enough to hire him. As for the Sun City consulting, they have not won one race. Carl Robinson would have won if he never left his house. It was the straight ticket and Cissy never hired them. She knows better than to hire a group of has beens. Jaime is just like TRUMP. Half truths and LIES. I say we have a MARCH FOR TRUTH against LION STAR. Oh and a note to Fierro, please distance yourself from that dirtbag if you hope to survive politically.

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