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Who Cares

A guest worker program would be great. I know it's different from your idea - but it would certainly solve a lot of the issues. But do not let the Mexican Government have any connection to the wages paid to the guest workers. They stole the Bracero's money way back when and it never got to the workers.

As far as Beto and Veronica (and even Will Hurd) - none of them has articulated a solution to the illegal immigration problem; the overstay of Visa's and the Dreamers. Not one single solution has come out of their mouths. Just words that circle back to mean nothing. You would think with this latest government shut down somebody somewhere on the Dem or Republican side would suggest a Dreamer solution in exchange for border fencing and other security measures. Not going to happen. Pelosi has files on every single Democrat doing stupid stuff that she will use against them if they don't stay in line. Sad to see that so many Democrats have no guts to go against Pelosi.

Max Powers


My issue with a guest worker program is that ultimately it would be a program that will benefit only businesses that can afford to navigate the program especially if said program has a fixed number of workers.

I rather take the "middle man", in this case a federal bureaucracy, out, and let both the employer and employee decide.



Who Cares

Agree. It's already going on per se and I guess everyone is hoping they don't get caught.


Just build a wall that works first and then talk about "comprehensive immigration reform" that for years is code for "do nothing." The Israelis did, I've seen it, and it works. It won't stop a missile, but it stops terrorists which is, roughly, everyone on the other side of their wall.

Rico Suave

Agree with your Fix.

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