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The Raging Chihuahua

Is this the same V E that supported all of this irresponsible local spending that
only the few big time developers enjoy while everyone else has to continue to pay higher taxes, higher fees, and a much higher debt? I know that I could easily refute the numerous half truths (at best) and other ridiculous statements that she said, but that would literally require tons of typing, so here's a "quick" summation: She reminds everyone she's Hispanic (playing the us vs them, race bating game) because unfortunately, it is effective, kinda like when Hitlery kept spewing this putrid lie about how men make more than women. Being delusional enough by pretending that we 915ers have been hurt because we have a wall. And everything else she said have anything to do with the wall debate but was just a bunch of cutesy, flowery flotsam to make simple minded, weak minded, low intelligent shlubs to feel good, which is to magically morph into why we don't need a wall. BTW- we live in a time when Mexican Prez elect (last July) said that he encourages his fellow countrymen and others from Latin American nations to illegally enter the U.S. We continue to have more caravans planning to push their way through. If we can make American lives safer (even by just a litte bit) does this make the democrats a treasonous party? More BTW- on Max's twiiter, Michael Tracey didn't know why Prez Obama changed his mind on gay marriage. It was because he was about 5 seconds away from joining a big $ Hollywood fundraiser.


Our border is so safe that 50,000 illegals a month just walk across it into welfare heaven (if you've been living in Guatemala).

Escobar is no O'Rourke

I bet it is killing Escobar that Ocasio-Ortiz has all the attention. No one cares about what Escobar says anyway. Call her a fronchi, call her a Shapleighite, call her a bitch, no one cares. All eyes on everyone but her.

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