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Noe all the way

I am 100% voter and I have only been walked by Dr. Noe. Pickett was a great rep and what was even greater about him is that he was so above the rest of the delegation. I always felt like our rep. had a direct line to real leaders instead of just "talking heads" and the "first pansexual" whatever that means. Dr. Noe is a Pickett type of leader. The fact that Fierro is endorsed by the delegation means he is lazy and won't have any real pull in Austin. My vote is with Dr. Noe. The fact that Fierro has 2 DUI's should mean more for his wife's re-election than whatever dismal dreams he has for his own career.

Max is a stud

I almost laughed my a** off when I got Art's mailer. Isn't his campaign manager Max Power's nemesis, Jaime Abeytia?

LA and loving it.

Classic two DUI’s and no one reports on them. So glad I live in Cali.


Forget Abeytia, I couldn't believe Annello and Hernandez Brown endorsed a candidate. Those girls haven't been in office for all of 5 minutes and have done ZERO for our district. It must feel so good to have an unethical former thief and assailant endorse your campaign and another nobody that follows a thief. Bravo El Paso, you have outdone yourself.

So It Isn't So

What about the $4000 lawsuit against him by the now bankrupt Vista Hills Country Club in 2014. Ws he part of the reason they had to shutter?

F.A. Sommerfeld



Why isn’t the media cover his DUI’s and lawsuits? The public should know who they’re electing.


When did these DUIs occur? Are you positive it is the Art Fierro running for State Rep?


Good question Stahala. Can't find his mug shots to verify. How does that happen? I mean one more DUI and it is a felony. Lawsuit for not paying his "tab" and golf fees? The lobbyists are going to have to pull out the credit card and UBER plan fo sure.

Disappointed in Art


Peter Arthur Fierro

Looks like he has quite a history in the courts. Thanks Max for bringing this up.

HD 79 voter

Max, are you employed by Dr. Noe or his campaign? I just read The Lionstar Blog and while he is very derogatory towards Noe, I also understand he is employed by the Fierro campaign. Please state your affiliation with the campaigns if any.

Max Powers

HD 79,

I am not paid.

But credit to Jaime that he is getting paid to blog!




Max works for Forma who manages Dr. Noes campaign, but old max isn’t honest enough to admit it. If you recall his name isn’t even Max it’s Ali!

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