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District 1 voter

If Peter can stop talking about the street car for than 5 minutes, I will vote for him. Veronica seems to be outworking him and she definitely has more guts than I have seen in a while, she attacked Peter almost immediately. This should be interesting if the foreclosure information gets out beyond this bullshit blog.

Heard you

His claim to fame is that he managed to hide his bigotry for so long. As they say "what you whisper today will be shouted from the rooftops tomorrow.

D1 voter

Better to go with the devil you know. Word is Veronica is managed by Lily Limon. Do we really want that disruptive influence on city council again? Will Veronica hire Lily as her legislative aid if she wins?

Peter has done good things for D1 if you ignore his whole trolley obsession. Vote for Peter.

Mr. Bojangles

Where the dick pics?


I'm no Vero fan but get over it already. She won.

Max Powers


Do what now?



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