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Pete Brown

Art Fierro is a really nice guy. He does not have steady employment, I don't believe he has a degree and he has extremely close ties with Jaime Abeytia. I think State Rep. is clearly out of his league especially with the delegation we have in place.

willy dont lie

Susie Turd Byrd is like Art Fierro. The lights are on, but Certainly no one home. The only thing Byrd did was smell Escobar's behind. A leader she's not. Fierro is only smelling his meal ticket of a wife's behind because that's all he can do. Advise for Fierro, Just continue running errands for the wife. about the delegation, we have a lot of people that dont like to work in our delegation, so that's the last thing we need, another loafer.


When I read that Fierro was throwing his hat in the political ring, I laughed. He could not possibly be less qualified.

Who Cares

Word on the street is Dr. Noe is going to run for the Pickett seat. He will win.

Tia Angie

Susie Byrd is headed to D.C. to join her BFF. And contrary to your unethical statement, living in the District certainly does matter when it comes to a statehouse race.

To Pete Brown, you should know by now that El Pasoans are looking for advocates on issues that matter most to them such as education and healthcare. Art Fierro does not have to have a formal degree in any certain area (like a medical doctor.) People with Phd degrees are some of the most self-centered, self serving individuals in the country. No thanks!
Americans are desperate for leaders with integrity, leadership & common sense and that is what Fierro brings to the table.
You don't have the right to impose your judgemental views on how a family decides 'steady employment' Let me guess, you're 'white priveledged' aren't you???
And WOMEN do not appreciate the chauvinism spewing out of men like you, especially strong El Paso women. You demean Art Fierro's support for his wife's career - well I hate to inform you, but that's a quality that the female voters will admire in Fierro. Love runs errands, I take it you don't run errands for any woman in your life.

Frances Fonseca

As the mother of his first child, I can tell you after knowing him for 37 years, no one lacks moral, values, and ethics as Art Fierro. This is a joke!!! He never even paid child support when I was struggling and putting myself through nursing school. At one point, he had a used Porsche in the carport but no furniture or flooring in the house. Need I say more ?!

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