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David K

I saw on reddit where someone wrote "It was a Beto wave not a Blue wave." Their point being that his hard work was why it was close, not Texas' changing thoughts on politics.

a new day

one good thing Bay Toe did was get Escobar the hell out of El Paso. Thanks Bay Toe for that.

Meme Guy

You BETO watch out, You BETO not cry, You BETO not pout, im telling you why ! Santa Cruz is coming to town !

Beyonce's fault

I think Beto may have had it won if he had not come across as so anti-gun and soft. Someone should have taken him to the Range and shot a commercial there.
He should have watched some of his comments that appeared to be anti-law enforcement.

Ted should have never kept such a bad campaign manager. Who charges money for yard signs? They focused on stupid things like "Beto is Robert" instead of his crazy monetary policies and mandatory government service ideas. Well, luckily we got Ted for 6 more years!

Texas remains Red and a lot of liberal money was misspent here.

The Raging Chihuahua

If you want to be comically entertained for 23:40, then type in Project Veritas/Beto and you can watch just how ditzy and imbecilic Beto's campaign staff truly was.


Beto lost the minute he let DNC hijack his campaign. They radicalized his message so bad he never had a chance.
Mining the border areas was an obvious target. Ted's problem is writes off some cities and stays away. Beto didn't care, he went with intentions of changing minds regardless of party. Also Ted is too preoccupied with wanting to be President. If he doesn't get the message now, he's sure to lose next cycle.


There haven't been too many Texas polititians as disliked as Ted Cruz. Still, he beat Beto. I don't know what more Beto could have done except position himself as more moderate. But Beto isn't moderate! He does believe in open borders, legalization of pot and health care for all. Those are his core beliefs. So, Beto was just being Beto ... letting everyone know where he stands. And voters rejected that...not because they are Cruz supporters but because they support law inforcemnt and don't like politizing football. Trully, Beto belongs in California.


More than two hundred thousand vote difference isn't a close race! All Robert proved is a progressive Democrat can't win in a predominately Republican district. Robert failed at playing as a moderate Democrat which his record shows he was a Pelsoi progressive Democrat. Who ever convinced Robert to run against Cruz was an idiot. All now El Paso has is a freshmen Democrat Vero! Good luck with that!


Danny, I bet Bayto is thinking if only he had ran as a black lesbian and called himself Bayticua he would have Juan !

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