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Exactly !

The Raging Chihuahua

According to my Ouija board, O'Rourke's future is so bright that you need four pairs of sunglasses to look at it! Why settle for a mere Presidency when he could be the world's greatest neighbor!? Goodbye Mr. Rogers and say hello to 'Mr. Beto's (over crowded) Neighborhood', where no neighbor is illegal. Just take a good hit from this perfectly legal spliff, and take a trip to the "Magic Kingdom." It's a place where under educated people can receive high paying jobs and receive free health care. Can you say freebies? Sure, I knew that you could.


Compared to other potential Democratic presidential hopefuls, Beto looks pretty good. Put him on a stage with septugenarians Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. Haven't you always said that looks count? Or compare him to Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker and Beto's ideas won't look so crazy. On top of all that, Beto has seen the bright lights and I don't think he'll want to return to El Paso and talk about bridge traffic when he could be sitting in LeBron's box at the Laker Games and expostulating on CNN.

And speaking of CNN...did you check out the last Neilson ratings? CNN has crashed. The food channel gets more viewers.

Playing Taps

If Beto is the most promising choice for President or Vice President, the country is in worse shape than us reported.

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