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Really Bruh?

Who Cares

Read Politico's article titled "Did Beto Blow it". Interesting article, very balanced. Who knows what will happen tomorrow. Got to wait for the votes to be counted. If Beto wins he will be as ineffective in the Senate as he was in the House. But- he will be a media darling for at least a year.

The Raging Chihuahua

I'm going to treat this post seriously even though I'm not convinced that Max isn't pulling an Aprovember Fool's prank on us. Repubs won't find comfort in the fact that he's rich because everyone has voted for rich dems and repubs zillions of times. One of the reasons Mr. 'Make America Mexico' will fall short is because this whole 'caravan' thing-y will bite him on the ass if it already hasn't done so. President Beto? 'I will put a chicken in every pot, while everyone is smoking pot!' The answer is prolly not. He IS the younger, cuddlier version of Bernie, but he doesn't have enough medals on his political / life achievement uniform for a shot at Excalibur.

Zito is a loser

This post sucks

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