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Your advice and theory suck, if looks mattered as much as you seem to think Trump wouldn’t be in the White House. Trump is both fat and ugly

Max Powers


Case-by-case basis, but in this case yes, looks mattered.

TBH, Trump for being 70+ looked far more commanding than his GOP opponents.



fact checker

mAX,You couldnt get laid in a whore house in Juarez. As far as Davidk his mother and dad paid a lot of money to her to marry him.

Max Powers


That’s not what your grandma said.



Wade into the crowd

Ted doesn't connect well with the people. Too stiff and business. A few lbs gone would improve his imagine. Beto beat him with the youth voters because his youthful appearance. When he greets people, the smile is genuine, very relaxed and people feel he is listening.

Ted is great with debates although Beto does pretty good. The difference is experience.

Beto will go anywhere and talk with anyone. That helped a lot. Ted wants to appear only at Republican events or organization's. I bet if he stepped into a mixed crowd and relaxed he would do well. Beto has that technique perfected. Even when attacked, he listens then responds politely .


Wade, I was an event where Cruz did step into the crowd and, you're right -- he did well. But it was a social event and people were interested in engaging conversations, not throwing political lobs. Maxine Walters and her crowd hounded Cruz and his wife out of a restaurant in DC so I don't blame him if that made him think twice about going any place, anytime. Conversationally, Cruz is good. But when facing critism, he gets stiff. And on that same note -- did Beto ever face any critisism during his campaaign? All he had were adoring crowds, LeBron wearing a Beto hat and praise from Ellen Degeneres. Beto came to believe his own press releases. Easy to do with that much attention but regretable nonetheless.

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