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Who Cares

Agree 100%. Beto will not be successful running for another higher office as long as he wants open borders, abolish ICE, legalize all drugs, medicare for all. Amazing that Beto announced yesterday he was ready to get to work and finish up his agenda before leaving Jan 3 - with only 12 days to get it all done before they recess for Christmas. He was absent from his job basically for the last 2 years and did nothing for El Paso.

TIm Holt

It wasn't about people coming INTO El Paso that SR built his little "station a BP truck every 200 yards." It was about the car theft problem at the time, where the parking lots at Cielo Vista and Bassett Center were essentially free-for-alls because El Pasoans couldn't make the mental connection between not locking your car door and finding your car in a chopshop on Avenida Lincoln. El Paso had the highest car theft rate in the nation and along with that, the highest insurance rates. The nightly news even ran the "Most Popular Car to Steal this Week" graphic (Ford trucks and Toyota Corollas always 1&2). He was trying to stop people going INTO Mexico with the stolen cars, not keeping people from coming into El Paso. He secured the flow INTO Mexico, not FROM Mexico.

He was "rewarded" because he slowed down auto theft to a dribble from a tsunami, not because he "secured the border." People wanting to come into the US just walked down to Fabens or over to Santa Teresa.
Also because Ron Coleman retired and no one wanted to run. He filled a vacuum.

Max Powers


So Reyes did not secure the border, he just reduced crime?

Nobody wanted to run? You're kidding, right?



Tim Holt

Sly didn't "secure" the border. He parked trucks every 200 yards from Fabens to Anapra. It just pushed the immigrants west and south of El Paso or into the drainage tunnels in downtown or over at Asarco. Immigration never even noticed he had done anything. In fact, during those years, immigration increased along the El Paso sector. He did slow down a type of crime, the auto theft rate in El Paso at the time which was good, but he shouldn't have been credited with much more than that. But he hardly had any effect on any other crime statistic.

Crime in El Paso dropped as a result of Joint Task Force Six moving into town. The FBI, ATF, Army, et al had much more to do with lowering the crime rate than Reyes ever could have thought of.

I don't recall him ever having much opposition when he ran, but perhaps my memory is fading. I do remember him pretty much not being able to string a set of coherent words together to make a sentence, and once you took away his 3x5 cards, he just stared and smiled. Not too unlike the payaso we currently have as President today.

David K


The trucks and barriers were deployed along the river banks where you couldn't drive a car. Then came big fences and walls. Not really about the car theft problem. It was about them bouncing across the river, throwing rocks at cars on paisano, assaulting the occupants and running back to mexico. They actually did this to FBI agents and got a way with it. There was a lot of petty crime coming over the river back then.


Holy cow. We're getting a presidential library in Segundo!

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