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D1 voter

Mesa is a state highway. They get to decide what happens. City council can suggest, promise, demand all they want. TxDOT makes the decision. As far as the trolley it was then Texas Highway Commissioner Ted Houghton that pushed for El Paso to get the $90M. Joe Pickett was against it. Steve Ortega, Susie Byrd, Ann Lilly on council pushed for it to happen. Peter wasn’t on city council when the decision was made. Is he a supporter of a trolley-yes. But he wasn’t in office and didn’t get to vote for it. So place the blame on the elected officials who were in office at that time.

Why is it the design of Mesa Street is the problem and not the fact that a drunk driver ran 2 red lights and struck a pedestrian?

Max Powers


Yes, it is state "highway" running through the urban heart of El Paso. But Mesa does need to change to reflect the fabric around it.

That is part of problem because Mesa is a "highway" people treat like such, and people crossing are basically playing human frogger.




The alternative to Peter is a vindictive woman who has blackmailed her ex-lover, she owes money all over town, in fact, I believe her house foreclosed. Is this the type of person I want managing my taxes? HELL NO!


I used to work in an organization Frescas was employed at for a short while. And by short while, I mean after, I guess it was 6 or 7 months?, let go because she didn't do anything. And over the years on Linkedin I see her pop up and she's always attached to some different organization in a marketing role. If you can't keep down a job for at least a year you shouldn't get to decide how my taxes are spent. And let's not forget she'll be center stage at the silly circus she will want to shape council in. She's 100% ideology outside the realm of anything Council has purview over, zero local policy.


Better than a closet hater !



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