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some countries may need some "guidance" or "assistance"
I agree, and maybe it's time to re-think colonialism if the alternative is a failed state on your doorstep and all the grief that can bring. Like caravans and drug cartels.

al bundy

go fuck yourself

Max Powers





common sense

sorry, but the birthright was good at one time when people brought their kids over and paid the hospital for the birth. in the last 20 years a woman gets a green card or not and stays at the bridge till her water breaks and then comes over and goes to Thomason knowing they wont refuse her because its "an emergency" and liability reasons. our tax dollars pay for it. I don't think that's the way the founding fathers saw this right. Change the law to say "birthright" only to a child whose Mother is an American citizen. That way women wont be whoring themselves out to American men not to mention what they go through to get coyotes to cross them when their water breaks. it's basic common sense in this day and age. Mexico is basically this way and most other countries.

The Raging Chihuahua

I live in a nation that in its history, simultaneously has a record # of immigrants (legal or otherwise) AND a record # of "victims". That's not a treat, but that's one helluva trick. as far as birthright citizenship and "assisting" other nations is concerned; nowadays, everyone is generous with OTHER people's money.

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