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The Raging Chihuahua

That fart is the most substantive thing that has come out of one of Beto's orifices in many years. I'm actually surprised to find out that Beto even has time to eat since he seems too busy receiving fellatio from the Hollywood TV entertainment community. I'm willing to bet that listening to Beto pass gas is more appeasing to the ear than listening to Willie Nelson perform that pep rally song. Now that was some serious P U. I didn't pay anything to listen to that "song" but I still want my money back!

Rico Suave

By the way....Past President Obama did NOT endorse Beto.

a thot

Obama didn't endorse him because he knows it would hurt him in Texas. Someone needs to get Beto to answer the question about Brett. I bet he would have voted "NO" ! What a Cocksucker.


I'm voting for Cruz.

Who Cares

I am voting for Cruz too.

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