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not a fan

You've just put your finger on what I dislike most about Beto. It's the pickup truck (first one he's ever owned) and the burger joints and the skateboard. (How many shots did it take to get him actually staning up-right on the thing?) His commercials have done nothing to dispel that image.

D1 voter

I agree with you Max!


Nothing against Beto. He's a nice guy but can you see what is happening? The Dems are so devoid of leadership on their bench that they'll snap at anyone who is less that 70+ and has a smidgen of charm, which Beto certainly has. I mean, they've been dealing with Bernie Sanders who is like the old grouch on your block that turns his hose on your dog. Or Hillary, who has become the Freddy Krueger of presidential elections; just when you think you're done with the Clinton Curse, she shows up again.

There's that good looking PR gal in NYC who knocked off a Dem machine hack, like Beto did to Reyes. Problem is her platform is La La Land. BTW, I wrote a few good size checks early on to help Beto do that, even though I'm registered as GOP.

Beto is going to lose because this isn't Texafornia yet, though it might be if the Dems gain the White house and mint 10MM new Dems out of the migrant swamp. His main asset isn't even his; it is that Cruz is the biggest asshole in the Senate and no one likes him. It wouldn't surprise me if Republicans joined a few Dems next time he's in his favorite DC bistro.

F.A. Sommerfeld

Mr. K,
Are you the celebrated Mr. K who challenges the world? And who is this "good looking PR gal in NYC" of whom you speak? And where can I find photos of her?

think about it

Always remember Beto voted against the Iron Dome on Israel. 1 of only 8 that voted against it along with the Abuser Ellison. Let that sink in to the Jewish community and Christians in El Paso. No way in hell I would vote for this guy.


Voted for Ted Cruz.

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