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You'll always have Vero :)

Slobs rule

Democratic Party is a bunch of has beens. Losers.

Reverse Coconut

Why is no one saying about Vero keeping the Hispanic last name but not her husband's name not even a hyphenated version.


Coco, good observation especially since her bff Suz has her kids spell their name with the hyphen and they are as white as Milk. Maybe Vero doesnt want to show her husband is Jewish or questions about his work as a Trump Judge ?


Interesting point of view. But O'Rourke served 6 years in city council and is finishing his 6th and last year as a congressman. Serious question here: not enough dues?

Max Powers


I’m not saying it is right. It is what it is.

But to answer your question - no.

As Congressmen, he has not done much to help other members in his party.

Even prior to Congress, he wasn’t much of a party guy in the way some of other electeds are.




Thank you.


Richard is correct to point out that Beto has more elected public experience than BHO did when he ran for POTUS.

🙄 President ?

Richard and what did he accomplish ? Or was he just filling in time ?

And look what BHO got us ? This is not small time job experience. Presidents that have done well came some corporate management experience, some with cabinet or government background. Generals are good but lack consensus building. Direct orders and that's it.

Even Reagan had Governorship experience.

Not by a long shot is he experienced, mature, understand making policy. Remember he served 6 yrs with the VA committee as a member not even minority leader. The VA is a very low position, most congress members avoid. Basically he did 6 yrs doing as he was told. And wrong he was not a renagade with his party.

a thot

Max, Ali, whatever. You should get someone to ask Baytoe how he would vote on the confirmation of Kav. Get it on record. I bet he would vote no and Cruz could eat him up with that. Hispanics in Texas hate this lying Bullshit from the left.

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