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Riff Raff

Rafael Edward Cruz.
"Ted" Cruz.

A rather convenient appropriation of white culture?

What's your point exactly?

Max Powers


I’m told minorities can’t appropriate culture.



Who Cares

The point is that Beto has tried to make voters believe that he has always gone by the name Beto and he lives in a pre-dominantly Hispanic town and blah, blah. Well - no - for capitalism purposes and Ivy League college purposes he used the name Robert. His given name. It's all about where you are and who you are talking to when it comes time to politic.

If I am not mistaken Ted Cruz has always used Ted. And Max is right - minorities can't appropriate culture.

David K

I think we need Latino name generator app that allows people like me to find out what my campaign name would be. In fact, maybe we should have a contest to see who can make up the most clever Spanish nickname for each white member of council.


David K

just for shits and grins

My Latino name generator app when I punch in DavidK comes up with Culero ? What does that mean ? The problem with Beto is that in Latin Culture the short version for Roberto is "Tito". I bet the maid called him Tito and the mother told her to call him "Beto" because he might want to be in politics someday. Ted Cruz is not trying to fool anyone with the name Ted. His last name pretty much tells it all that he is Hispanic. Beto's last name is O'rourke with a an apostrophe. That's pretty fucking Irish or Scottish if you ask me and "me lucky charms." Had his mother been Hispanic she would have done like Byrd did with her kids and put the Byrd-Dunlap hyphen thingy even though Byrd and her husband are the whitest thing next to Milk. Beto's mom is creative. Give her credit, well except for that "structuring deposits" thingy. I believe she said she didn't know it was wrong, but wasn't she on a Federal Bank board or something ? Beto is usually the short name for Humberto and not Roberto. I have seen it with Gilberto also, but never with Roberto.

Raphael King Cuck Of Trumpland Cruz

This is the best you've got?



Skinny Rourke/Fat Ted

The nick name issue is over blown. I just want a Senator that works !


If you want a Senator that works, vote for Cruz. Beto hasn't spent much time working for his constuents for the last two years.


Only in Texas can a Hispanic like Ted Cruz pretend to be white and a white guy like Beto can pretend to be Hispanic and go head to head.

The Raging Chihuahua

How very convenient for "Robert" to not have to live under the regulations that he would like to implement on businesses when he didn't have to live under those regulations when he was starting his business. At least that's what l think he's saying according to his website. It's so extremely vague and Pollyanna-ish that only ignorant, simple-minded and weak-minded dolts would fall for such clap trap.

Good in the Beginning

A staff makes or breaks a legislator. The interns do well. But, like many bureaucrats the permanent staff has become arrogant, lazy, pass the buck back to the people seeking help.

Gone are the days when they had a fresh, helpful and resourceful staff. Always to help. That was at the beginning. I suppose they feel that it's time for the public to serve them. One thing for sure, the staff went down hill by the older bald guy. He thinks he's the office holder.

Slobs rule


Charlotte Webb

Beto's political narrative is when the nickname became politicized.

That cute little "BETO" sweater when he was a preschooler looks photo shopped to me and it's not even a good one (they are stuck using it now). I've heard his friend Sito commissioned him the political nickname because it was politically expedient. Unfortunately, his political narrative (that is well written and scripted) has not been fact checked by the national media.

Your character is determined by your formative years, your family, your youth, your college years. Yet Betito's political narrative is filled with deletions of news articles that document his family and his political record. Questionable votes he took while on City Council that appeared conflicts of interest due to his father-in-law Bill Sanders deep pocket real estate investments have been skirted. He was almost recalled for those votes and he was forced to recuse himself on some.

He has flip-flopped or danced around his pro marijuana legalization stand "yes, I co-wrote the pro-marijuana legalization book with Susie Byrd" and then "no I won't be pushing that legislation" (does Willie know)? Now it is a populist stance of decriminalization. Far change from staunch legalization.

Both his parents have gotten "get-out-of-jail" cards. His mothers hand was slapped on the wrist for money laundering big bucks at her high dolla furniture store for who? Drug cartels? Must have been somebody big she was washing money for because the FBI RAIDED "Charlotte's". Conveniently it was termed an "accounting error"? Pretty scary thought that a US Senators family ties are with people who need to launder large sums of cold cash along the border. Must be nice having a relative as a US Attorney (allegedly).
Daddy O'Rourke was a flip-flopper. First he was a Democrat, as Beto proudly proclaims, then switches to Republican to run against a Democratic US Representative Ron Coleman (adds the narrative), and cocaine "or a white substance" results in a get-out-of-jail card too (so the myth goes).

The one he spins the best is the NO PAC money for Beto. I remember that huuuuuge Republican funded Super PAC that was used to trounce on former Congressman Silvestre Reyes. So far my mailers from him have been from special interests groups not paid from his big campaign account.

We will find out whether the Texas Tea Party is still strong and whether or not all the free (earned) press helped push Beto over the top and whether or not Beto's white washed political narrative goes unquestioned.


Webb, my bet is his mom's store sold a bunch of wealthy Mexicans who moved over here, bought houses, and joined either Coronado or El Paso Country Club. I would bet they paid cash for furniture that was going to their homes in El Paso and may have even filled out an export document like they were gonna cross it to Mexico, but put it in their homes here in El Paso. The reason the store would do that cash sale is so "no sales tax" IMHO.
Thus, the reason for the structured deposits. I could be wrong, but It wouldn't surprise me. I bet the State of Texas never even looked into that. The State would be another chance at a fine or Jail time if they had looked into it and saw that was done intentional.

Tough choice either way

If you own a business, don't you check the books or meet with your accountant?

How is it the 600,00 is found unexpectly in your account and you never noticed it till the FBI raids? She knew and ignored the amount, probably never expecting anyone to talk.

Beto is a slick talker usually tells you only half the story. He has to be pinned to get a full answer to the question. But, most politicians do that.

All the big bucks are from the entertainment industry and the Democrat big wigs. It's not from the average person which he wants you to believe. He is not well liked by the local veterans because he has done nothing for them except talk. On the other hand neither has Cruz. Beto is a Cino (Catholic in name only) while Cruz is a religious man. Orourke lives here but does nothing. Cruz never visits the voters in El Paso only the unions. One is called Beto while named Robert, the other is named Rafael while called Ted. Both follow the party line. One visualizes himself as a Kennedy, the other himself. One was a city council member and is the Congressman. Unfortunately like many El Paso politicians they campaign to represent Juarez. The other, other than the party line I'm not sure. Neither has reliable staff members. Quick to those the issues back into the constituents lap with a list of regulations. Guys, your staff can win or lose the job for you. So whip them into shape.

Word of caution, like the Kennedys there were many stories about ladies. Some true, some rumor. There are stories/rumors circulating already so don't be so quick to embrace the Kennedy image.



If a man can "identify" as a woman and the whole weight of the PC-Nazis will come down on your head and career if you refuse to acknowledge it with the right pronoun, then why can't Beto just say he identifies as Mexican? By default, anyone who disagrees is a racist or a deplorable and who wants to be one of those?


Little Robert O is nothing but a slick talking Commie bastard, don't fall for the big lie. People like this goon are going to take away your guns, fill this country with even more of the poorest, dumbest illegal aliens they can find and make you pay for everything, pump your kids full of marijuana and other dangerous drugs, while allowing as many abortions as the satanic bastards at planned parenthood can perform, and that's just for openers.
If you love evil then for a democratic socialist like Baby Bobby O'Rourke...this guy is bad news. This election is for the soul of America, and Ted Cruz is a douchebag no doubt about it, but O'Rourke wants to burn this country to the ground and rebuild it in the communist image.

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