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Not good.


Let me guess. You’re going for the Forma candidate.

Max Powers


Let me guess. You’re going for wife-beater?



Slobs rule

Stahala, you are so pathetic. This man beat someone up to the point they had to involve the police and you’re worried about who’s candidate Max is for? Your just as big a piece of shit as this guy in the mug shot. I bet you beat your wife because you love her and she needs to be taught a lesson.


No. I have no horse. I’m just watching for entertainment. Dude was never viable anyway. I’m predicting Isabel in a landslide. But maybe Elwolfo comes through for Hogan. Always interesting.

Lol @ slobsrule. Worried is the wrong word. I’m curious about who my favorite bloggers are supporting.


If he didn't beat his dog, he still has a chance :)

We'll see

Maybe he's Muslim and sharia law allows wife beating.

Max Powers


Now that's just stupid.

Islam has nothing to do with this..

Trust me, as a son of a Muslim, I have my owns issues with Islam and/or the interpretation of it.




Keep religion out of this. We have enough race bating without throwing religion into this. This appears public information. A voter has a right to know and just kills him with ALL female voters. The woman editor at the EP Times will blow this up. She has too. It is public information and relevant.


Yeah, Max, and Islam has nothing to do with the chaos, stabbings, acid attacks, no go zones and mass shootings in Europe since the EU decided Muslims were a good thing and they needed more of them.


Look at his name, I could be incorrect and stereotyping.

My point was that the reason he's decided to continue the campaign because in his culture it's ok. Not criticizing the religion just saying certain behavior is acceptable according to beliefs.

If it were me I would save my money and use my time to resolve any family problems. No doubt that he WILL lose so get out of the spotlight.

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