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Mr. Alvarez

So there is a protective order but Kizito told Jaime it was "no big deal" Kizito, get out of the race.

Forget it

It was nothing just an arguement ? People get arrested when there is physical contact or signs of a altercation in the home.

I think it's time to close the shop, if you care about your family concentrate on them. Really, isn't it time to stop the embarrassement for you and the family.


The media will clober him with this. I can see your image on tv newspaper and then someones consultant can use it. Pretty black and white here.Funny the criminal blogger Jaime points at it with his greasy finger. His record on these things are not so pretty, domestic that is. Thanks for the image.


Wow this guy is toast and his arrogance is an even worse offense. Get out Kizito and don't embarrass your family. Stop being such a stupid b*tch.

Zito is a loser

Juno! you are so funny. apparently the stupid bitch is not the poor woman that got hit, it's the moron that thinks its a good idea to stay in the race. What a loser!

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