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His barber knows

He's only missing the butt less chaps, chains, 50s moto cap, shirtless with vest. Ever notice, he slips up once in a while and reveals dainty mannerisms.

The Raging Chihuahua

Fifty jobs in the last 2 years? Well, that's 50 more than Jaime has had. Nope, I'm not going to count that one - too easy.


Don't you have to have a butt for buttless chaps?


The lesser of evils plays here. At least you know what you're getting with Peter -- not much, I agree but better than the devil you don't know.

Slobs rule

I already can’t stand her because Jaime is running her campaign. If she wins she will hire him. No thanks.


Are you sure Abeytia is running that campaign, or even has any involvement?

Slobs rule

Stahala, he basically put her resume on his blog when talking about the race. If he’s not running it then he’s definitely involved. Whoever is running it, it’s a piss poor job. Maybe they should have cleaned up her social media before announcing. Her campaign managers are wankers.


Abeytia gets paid cashola. He has a bunch of child support court orders pending. That is why he can't get a check. Plus his name on a campaign report turns off people. His venomous blog is personal crap. He is not objective very trashy. Don't read it often only to see who he is pimping.


I'll be supporting Dr. Bonart in a Dist#1 field of seemingly well-qualified candidates for a change. I'm tired of Peter's debt-and-spend-for-Paul & Woody philosophy (along with the rest of CC), not that he's a bad guy.

I can't wait for the circular trolley to start "reminding us of ourselves," as Peter so artfully put it. Reminding us of what? When El Paso led many cities in income levels and education before its leaders decided we needed to be the low wage capitol of the US? Now they're on track to make us the high tax capitol of the US, with help from Peter.

Time for a change.

Mr. Alvarez

JerryK, so you're basically throwing your vote away. Dr. Bonart is an elitist who has no idea how working families live in his district. He spends his time worrying about a canyon and walking trail while the rest of us worry about paying our taxes on time and increasing fees and rates with our utilities. I am over 65 and I am worried that I may have to move in with my daughter permanently since we just keep raising fees and taxes. So while Svarzbein is not the best representative I have seen in my time, he does try to understand what affects his constituents the most.


Mr. Alvarez; I'm 72, retired on a modest fixed income and worry like you do about taxes, but EPISD is the biggest bite and even less competent than the City, if that were possible. I disagree with you re: Dr. Bonart, but populism hasn't yet made it to El Paso. When it does, I'll vote for it. Just now, I'm interested in a candidate who doesn't play ball with the Usual Suspects.

Regards, Jerry Kurtyka


Abeytia isn’t running her campaign, why is it he always gets credit even when he’s not actually involved? Someone really loves giving the guy attention

Mr. Alvarez

JerryK, well at least I can agree with you about EPISD, but as long as Susie Byrd is bullying everyone at the district, relief is no where is sight.


Susie Byrd for the 2nd year in a row failed to attend the EPISD meeting for adoption of the budget. Again, she was campaigning with her buddies. She does not care what it costs to fund the school district. She bitched about it next meeting but failed to show up and vote.

Bonart is doing robocalls. He pledges to not just talk about lowering taxes he will lower them. No idea how you do that without cutting police, fire, city employees and his precious money for bike lanes and trails.

We'll see

At least he is pledging to lower taxes. However, the current reps and mayor campaigned to not raise taxes. So ?

I believe what he is saying is stop the buying of toys and raises.

Do we need bike lanes, I don't think so. They're a waste. Money spent to please a few. They actually believe the lack of bike lanes is preventing them from being champions. One of the cities that supports actual bike champs don't have bike lanes. The other justification is too many fat people. It's not the bikes, it's the FOOD ! Don't tell me that you have some special plan to make people stop eating burritos and gorditas.

Mr Bonart, honestly robocalls are annoying although I have heard yours. Do the good old fashion door knocking. Most candidates don't realize a handshake and talk goes a long way.


As for lowering taxes, great, but I'd settle for street repair any day over the vanity projects.

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