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F.A. Sommerfeld

Rich Wright is the enema that El Paso City Hall desperately needs. Make it Wright El Paso!

Greg Banie

Mr. Powers, the "money guys" have yet to throw their support my way. My support has come from the rank and file citizenry.

Greg Baine

Quit lying to El Paso

Greg Baine, probably because your material sucks. You have no name ID, you have no clue on the issues. Max, is right. Claiming that the westside is crumbling is presumptuous. Take a trip to Segundo or Delta, chances are you won't be able to stomach the neglect those areas have seen from the City. So keep your privileged ass in your ivory tower and leave El Paso to those who understand it and are from here.


Dear Quit: I do not know Greg Baine and I am a Cissy supporter. Your incredibly nasty blog speaks strongly of your lack of character and says to me that you have issues. Why would the particular issue of streets cause you to come unglued? Consider visiting a therapist.

Quit lying to El Paso

Downtowner, I don't write a blog, I comment on Max's blog. You can measure my character by being critical of a candidate? His candidacy is ridiculous, his platform is mediocre and elitist. I think you need a therapist for being so thin skinned on a blog. Nothing I said was a personal attack. Baine can be a fine fellow but based on his campaign, he is not fit for any elected position in this town. You can begin crying in 5...4...3....2....1


Can we all agree Greg Baine sucks? He came to my door and talked down to me. No thanks Gringo.

just for shits and grins

As in Baine Contruction ?

Who Cares

There is no “Baine” Construction. You are thinking of Scott Bain of Bain Construction.


Ugh just vote for Lizarraga, Baine is an annoyance.

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