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Ever since somone on CNN said that Beto reminded them of RFK, Beto has gone overboard with that image in his mind. His narcisism knows no end. He is addicted to the adoration of the fans he meets on the road. Iowa would be heaven for him. Just get him out of the local news -- he's giving me indigestion.

Who Cares

Rumor has it Obama has taken Beto under his wing for a VP and or presidential run. Guess he wants to make Beto into the white version of Obama. Whatever. His kids have never known him as a regular guy with a regular job - he's a politician. Kind of a shame to grow up with a dad that is never home. Kudos to his wife for putting up with it - she has the harder job.

Good luck

The Democratic Party is desperate and will support anyone or anything that can be manipulated and protrayed as being someone from the past. Perhaps Howdy Doody ?

Unfortunately, he is not qualified for anything higher. He's passed two bills in 6 years. Other than that he's done nothing. Many Veterans are disappointed with him.

If the rumor is truth, he's just received the kiss of death. A candidancy for VP is ended before it started. Although I'm sure he will be asked to be a speaker at the next National Convention. I get a kick of how many hair styles he has tried in an effort to boost himself. He thinks he's an RFK so his hair will be allowed to grow and he will do the the superman curl up front. Don't get me wrong. He speaks well and does have charisma but that's it.

He doesn't realize he is being used as bait.

Golfer 24-

“Beto” caters to the low information Hispanic crowd that wants everything free. He has a stronger chance being elected President of Mexico,than a U. S.senator from Texas. His liberal followers are smoking the same homegrown weed.

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