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Not a Fan

Beto has tried to dump some of his most liberal leanings, has moved a little to the center to speak to the Texas voters. He would be better suited in California or New York where he wouldn't have to hide his liberalism. Open borders (yes, remember he railed agaist the fence in El Paso), free medical care (except for the vets, who he promised to take care of) and no support for Israel. If he gets elected, he will not represent the people of Texas. His ideas are more closely aligned with the socialist wing of the Democratic party. He's nothing special, even if he is from El Paso. He's just another oportunistic politician who doesn't want to live in El Paso.


If you review Beto’s Campaign contributions there are plenty of business people like CEO’s and board members of major corporations that donate to his campaign. It may not be PAC money in the literal sense, but they certainly expect something in return for their money. It is no different than taking PAC money. He has “allowed” super PAC’s to support his candidacy which in effect is accepting support from a PAC. He is not free from lobbyist and PAC influence no matter what he says.

Give me aou tomorrow. Wimpy

Beto is a great campaigner. He is a campaign managers dream because he is the whole package. His charisma is powerful.

Now, what do we get for all that ? Nothing! He passed 2-3 meaningless bills in 8 years. He's a lot of cosponsoring of bills. Sounds impressive, it really means "I agree" and that's all. It's not binding nor a vote.

He's done nothing helpful for the veterans, nothing for the district. He's done great representing Juarez although that turned out to be nothing more than grandstanding. "I feel your pain" speeches. He's done "good" as a Perosi and Hollywood Alfredo(Godfather reference). And like the character Alfredo he will betray us. He's weak as an influence in Washington. Only in El Paso is he worshipped and revered as "congressman of the year". Which isn't difficult since we only have one.

I will do the same thing

Not a Fan: When you have the opportunity, who the f would stay in El Paso.

Kidding aside, Beto is not handsome. He's simply not ugly.

abandon hope

Don't forget that Beto is the meme for corporate welfare, especially when he is related to those benefiting,#Borderplex #downtown plan. He knew years before that friends in high places wanted the land that City Hall was on. He started trash talking the building immediately when he was elected. Said was "godawful" needed new air-conditioning, etc. Said it so often city employees started to echo him and pretty soon, poof, no City Hall but plenty of bills for taxpayers. Not my kinda guy. Better vote for Cruz or the libertarian, Neal Dikeman, if you don't like corporate welfare. Beto is sleazy.



I was not in favor of demolishing city hall because it did have most city departments and parking, i.e., one-stop-shopping for citizens even though it looked like something the North Koreans might have built. Beto was not on CC when this happened, so he can't be blamed for it like Suzy and Steve.

What interests me about Beto's campaign is the local GOP billionaires behind him, because I have always assumed Cruz is a shoe-in. Why would a guy give up a sure thing Congressional seat for a long shot at the Senate? Does he - really do his billionaire backers - know something the rest of us don't about Cruz?

Guys like Sanders, Hunt and Foster have an inside track the rest of do not. Maybe there is something going to break that resulted in Beto's long shot run?

abandon hope

Bayto's support from local billionaires is only their attempt to continue their corporate welfare. Maybe they want Bayto to owe them. That is a good question though. Why wouldn't the local deep pockets support Cruz? Maybe he already owes too many favors. A good reason to vote libertarian in my opinion.

Even though Bayto didn't cast a vote to demolish City Hall, he worked behind the scenes for years. I used to watch City Council meetings and heard him bash the building on many occasions. He lined up the ducks, then went to DC squeaky clean while Ortega fried.


JerryK: it’s called power. Beto is the puppet and he is more than happy to play that role. It beats working for an honest living. Something Steve is actually doing.


Note to jerry k: the local billionaires are supporting Cruz. There have been several local fundraisers that garnered up dozens paying well over five figures. Sanders is his father-in-law so his support of Beto is a no-brainer. He's gotten some of his buddies to chip in.

Roy Gray

Beto started his initial campaigning on how he would make a difference in the local VA. Since there are 55,000 Veterans in and around El Paso it sounded good. But after 8 years, he has accomplished nothing. This VA continues to be in the bottom 10% in the Country. Continues to be berated by the IG time after time. Beto is an open border Democrat. Clearly unconcerned about U.S. security. While in the El Paso City Council he openly supported legalizing marijuana. When running for Congress, he promised he would not sponsor or support legalization of this gateway drug if we elected him. I have seen nothing he has done for his electorate. Very quiet while supporting Pelosi.


"Or maybe it is his dishonesty in railing against PACs but the only reason he had a congressional career was because of them."

I always wondered why the press has had amnesia on this very fact. Beto has spinned this so perfectly. "No PAC money please, but that's how I beat Silver, with lots and lots of rich Republican PAC money". But no press brings it up. I am with you too, the tall handsome white liberal Democrat turning Texas Blue, but something is off even though lots of Dems are excited. I gave him money too.

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