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And please do not blame Margo for tax increases or the state of the city's finances. Council makes the tax decisions. Call your council member. And the state of city finances can be laid at the feet of Wilson and her rubber stamp council. She said "jump' and they asked "how high"?

come on man

white,rich, and Republican is why Davidk left ? Give me a break. Woody and Paul are still here and raking in incentives. David left because he is an asshole and nobody likes him. His father is a good engineer, but he takes after his mom and she was buddies with Joyce Wilson who has put this city in debt up to its ass.

Max Powers


It’s a joke.



Rico Suave

Only Republicans / conservatives are investigated and are Headline news by "Big Media". With any luck he may be investigated by the Texas Rangers (not the baseball team) which will be a nothing burrito...

al bundy

Oh poor Margo! The media reportedly accurately on something corrupt he did. How sad! How mean of them!


What amazes me is that the media actually reported it.

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