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Big Foot is gone

The guy has done nothing for the district. A complete disaster.

My dog could bark and beat Baby Huey. At least my dog barks with purpose.

If Bonhart campaigns, he will clean house with him. Hope the rumor is true that Bonhart wants the job. He's tough, intelligent, doesn't believe in tax and spend. We need someone that's not afraid to not go along with the seven dwarfs.


He will lose without a doubt. I witnessed something that will reveal who he really is and will be available to do a deposition when the time is right.

Brother Nick

Viva la Cate!

Cate blows

La Cate should stick to producing self entitled assholes instead of trying to create politicians. Oh wait a minute....


Bonart ran once and lost big time. Doubt if he'll try it again.
In addition to a shower and a visit to the tailor, Peter needs to lose the cell phone. If there was anyone who shows all the signs of phone addition, it is Peter. If you ever have the opportunity to meet with him, don't expect him to look up from scrolling his phone. Incredibly irritating.....


Peter is the kind of hipster that Wilson wanted living DTEP. He has been a better rep for DTEP - a spend and tax sinkhole - than for his district. I couldn't believe his ramblings about the goddam trolley and how it will remind us of ourselves. Yeah, when it hits my tax bill it will remind me that I live in El Taxo!

He did do a good job of campaigning last time, though, and it won him the seat. Don't count him out.

Slobs rule

If Susie Byrd the queen of slobs can get elected, Petwr will be just fine.


Slobs: you are so right! voters must find dishevelment appealing


Peter is going to win. I went to Carlos' kick off. The kid is mediocre at best. He has no idea what it takes to be in office. Peter may not be Obama but he hasn't done anything to deserve getting kicked out of office. Carlos looks like another Cate loser that has lost touch with reality. He promises to talk to other city council reps, wow earth shattering. I guess we can pack it up this kid is going to solve it with an all smiles conversation. Quit wasting our time Carlos.

Try again

Carlos who ?

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