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Put up the closed for business sign

There will be no changes in politicians simply because people don't vote.

Eventually ? Eventually business will spill over to El Paso. That comment reminds me of a radio/electronics store on Market St in SF. Being a career military member, I had many an occasion to pass thru SF on my way to SEA with a day or two to waste. Anyway. Anyway the store was conducting "going out of business sales" for over a decade. I wouldn't be surprised if it still isn't going out business. So in El Paso we will continue to wait for "eventually" business to spill over.

Max, you and others still don't get it. They gave demolished and built for a decade now. Population growth has had less than 7/8 of one % growth since 2012. No new business has relocated to El Paso. A lot of New Mexican eateries mostly inexpensive, two star eateries. That's all. Look at all the Dirty laundry in the media. Not just the cops or the border. We have enough chaos in every level of government to keep people OUT. The taxes, schools, massive debt, low wages, officials going to jail, etc.

El Paso, give it up. No one is coming ! Concentrate on making things better for us. Fix the streets, stop wasting money on toys, get some real candidates not the same ones over and over. Einstein's hair is standing up seeing his theory proven. Regardless of actual values everybody campaigns a Dem and everybody campaigns on a promise to help Juarez(which is a guarantee for votes), everybody promises no increase in taxes and then raises them, everybody promises to file a lawsuit on behalf of Jusrez. I might as well move to Juarez to get representation in Washington ! Plus they vote there and require voter ID. Wonder why they can afford an ID although financially disadvantaged and there is no screams of blocking voters from voting.

Oh well, We are no longer a destination city since Juarez has become too risky. So can't we just fix El Paso so WE can have good infrastructure, more pay, less taxes, new politicians with new reasonable ideas and focused on us instead of Juarez.


Dear Put: You must have not have lived anywhere else. Your complaints … "Concentrate on making things better for us. Fix the streets, stop wasting money on toys, get some real candidates not the same ones over and over." That sounds like I'm back in Kansas City... or Phoenix... or Ames, IA, etc.

The current Mayor and Council are stuck with the damage done by Joyce Wilson and her QOL projects. The public would not have voted for all of them had not Wilson grouped them together in the way she did. Now we're paying for things we don't really want, i.e. the Arena and the Cultural Center, as well as a totally over-blown Children's Museum.

One place where I agree with you...stop the focus on "Our Sister City." Mexico is corrupt and getting worse. Even if it does turn around, it will be decades before the damage is undone. Please...stop pushing Juarez on us as if we're too stupid to know that it's dangerous, dirty and not any fun.


what high rises are you talking about ? name them.

Max Powers


Proposed West Star and Shadow Mountain developments. Maybe I should say “planned”, but regardless the fact that developers want to build “up” in El Paso is a big deal.




the West Star is a Hunt deal i'm thinking. In other words Hunt puts up a high rise building getting tax incentives. Basically West Star moves into it or Hunt pulls money out of West Star ? The 3 or 4 buildings West Star is already in then have no tenants. Is that fair ? Im not a believer in that kind of incentive and above you say Hunt gets no credit ? Top Golf, sure. Its a new business with no other competitors. The developer one on the West Side is the one I'm assuming on the other high rise proposed on Shadow Mountain.. Now, are they getting incentives ? Did the developers of all those town homes across the street on Shadow Mountain get incentives ? Probably not. Is that fair ?

Max Powers


Incentives happen EVERYWHERE.

Even in places you think do not have to offer it, such as wealthy Dallas suburbs, they still do. Toyota does not need incentives, but it got it anyway when he left California for suburban Dallas.

In an ideal world, no place would offer incentives. But that world does not exist.

High-rise construction is expensive.

Developers rather not touch it, but when they do it is because there is market for it.

The fact that high-rises are being proposed in El Paso is a good sign.



Yo Loera

I almost fell asleep reading this post and it’s comments. Boring

Common sense not fanatsy

Marco, I have lived not visited many cities and countries. Which is why I don't have misconception of what makes a city.

El Paso has to accept, like many cities psst their time, it is no longer a destination city and not attractive for companies to relocate here. The only reason it used to be a destination city is because of easy access to sin city. It's no longer perceived as being safe and there goes the bar and sex tourists.

Until El Paso changes and gets rid of the same old inept and wasteful officials and a very dysfunctional school system. No one will come. Needless to mention all the other countless issues.

We need a new selection of potential candidates with fresh ideas, intelligence and not easily supported by "campaign funds". What have now is same old candidates that hand the baton to one another. Nothing changes ! The one political party is stale and outdated. The old guard in the other party are still working from ideas in the 1800s. I'm surprised they even know that women can vote.

That high rise apartments to be built on shadow mountain are a joke. They plan to build two high rise buildings, call them condos because it will have a door man ! Plus, being called condos they can sell for a higher price. The cheapest apartment will be 2 million dollars and the more expensive one will be 3 million. Probably will depend on if you have a view of Mexico or Shadow Mountain. Neither view is worth that much. Does El Paso really have that many millionaires ? The few have enough sense to invest in a mansion or a ranch. These plans are not dreams, they're fanatsy! They can't even fill all those cubby holes down town.

We have copied the Communist method of illusion of progress. Build Potemkin residences and hotels. Empty but lighting arranged to turn on in various parts and times. Thus giving the impression that we are growing very fast. Truth is growth is 7/8 or 5/8 of a per cent since 2012.

Now do you get it, the tourist lure us not working so let's fix the city for us !


Does Anazon need the massive inncentives they were offered by virtually every major city in the US? As Max says, they're probably not needed but they get them anyway. El Paso's incentives are not out of the ordinary.

And to Question: WestStar has been looking to move. Hunt did not have to threaten them, trust me. They want a big, shiny headquarters.


Downtowner, have no problem with incentives to Amazon, Top Golf, and things that are new businesses that employ more El Pasoans. Hunt and Westar's High Rise doesnt do that. It just changes where someone who is already here and located payed by taxpayers for their shiny new building. The Marcus-Gaddy whatever family it is High rise doesnt do that either. maybe employs a doorman at the price of Taxpayers. Amazon, Computer companies, anything new like that i agree is ok, but incentives to those who have been taking them forever on projects just because they donate large to those politicians pocket is bullshit. You know it and I know it.


El Paso used to have licensed bordellos as recently as 100 years ago. Chip Johns had one of the licenses framed in the Pancho Villa Room at La Hacienda. Why not bring them back near downtown? Have Suzy and Vero on a billboard on I-10 pitching, "Easy cum, easy go." Then we don't have to whine about Juarez not accommodating the flesh trade anymore.

I don't have a good idea to bring back the bull fights. The arena, maybe?


Jerry, great thoughts there. Hilarious.

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