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F.A. Sommerfeld

Oh come on, Max. Crowder wasn't defending anyone. He merely pointed out some pertinent facts for the record. As a regular reader of your blog (which you have been neglecting of late, btw), I appreciated David's contribution, and I'd like to him chime in more often. You should be thanking him and encouraging him to continue to comment, instead of publishing this nonsense. You need to get your mojo back, bro.

Rigged Dice

Crowder has fooled a lot of you. He does takes sides. There's things he's been caught doing before debates. Imagine the look of surprise, being told your opponent has already discussed the questions when you are seeing the questions for the first time.

Charlie Weelson

" David Crowder thinks he is being a objective. " Do you read the INC Max ? Crowder usually has at least one article about how great Woody is and that we should all get Woodies about it. The INC is nothing but a glorified News Blog to worship Hunt. Why did Crowder leave the Times ? At least there he was objective a little.

Who Cares

I think David is easily influenced or enamored with elected women officials and a certain female CM and it brings out his cynical side if someone speaks in opposition of the women or challenges their statements. In this day and age of print media coverage it’s hard to trust anything any reporter writes because they are all so openly biased on an issue.

David K

We will see what Susie tells David Crowder to write in response here. Any good politician knows that you never ever talk to a reporter for any reason. Nothing good comes of talking to a reporter. Nobody has been become a better office holder for having talked to a reporter. A reporter will never help your career even if that's their intent.


David K


So, lets talk important stuff. Will Swarzbein have an opponent in District 1? last time, I think there were 8 initial candidates.

Who Cares

Heard Bonart may run again.


Hey Max, I heard a rumor. I hear former Rep. Marquez is contemplating a run against Mary Gonzalez or SISD board member Paul Guerra. Seems as though she thinks her popularity will carry over. Thoughts?

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