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Not again

of course don't call in an emergency. The response will be "I am not a_______". And please get rid of that stupid guitar plus stop with the screeching. Remember your main responsibility is not hawking cheap watered down ketchup as a sauce.

Elizabeth Rodriguez

I'm tired of John Cook. We need a change and Samaniego is much more than his family legacy, though that is what everyone asks about. This is a highly educated, successful businessman who can lead and knows how to collaborate (read plays well) with others. Enough divisiveness, it's time for someone who can actually bring others to the table to try to solve problems, not just wish them away or finger-point.

It's time to leave the tired old politics and their politicians behind and move forward to a brighter future.


Samaniego is a sociopath. He has run an extremely poor campaign. He spends his time among only supporters and a little posse that follows him around with rose petals. He has no substance in anything he says. He doesn't understand the basics of county government. In his pathetic commercial he has a girl talking about her education at UTEP, what the hell does that have to do with keeping my taxes down? Samaniego is not fit to run our county government, he suffers from serious mental health issues that will handicap his ability to run an efficient county government. I am not thrilled about Cook but he seems to be the lesser evil.

Elizabeth Rodriguez

I respect anyone's opinion; your voice, your vote; but unless you are a licensed physician, you probably shouldn't be diagnosing anyone.

I'm sick of paying taxes on agreements Cook signed back when he was Mayor - not an opinion but a fact. Samaniego is a political novice who made campaign mistakes but had the good sense to learn from them. I don't judge Cook supporters - it's their right to choose. We should all respect each other

Samaniego WILL answer the phone

Samaniego is a successful businessman that knows budgets must be maintained to be efficient and effective.

The county and city governments have been managed by "experts" and all we gained was DEBT and chaotic policy. Cook is an example. In fact we are still paying for his failures and why would anyone want to continue with him ?

Anyone can waste money but it takes smarts to get the best bang for your buck and stay within budget.

I'm not a plumber !

Who Cares

Had it not been for the former CM managing John Cook his 8 years in office he would have been a total disaster. He did try to break out from underneath the former CM's spell towards the end of his term - but too late. The now former city attorney was his intergovernmental person for 6 years or so - that's where she consolidated her power which got her the city attorney job when McNabb left. Since 2016 elections have been crazy on a national and state level. Let's hope voters will go for the novice instead of the 14-year politician that in reality didn't do much at all while he was at the City - except raise taxes.

We need the Sandman or Simon

Samaniego is not a novice. He has extensive experience with State programs management.

Cook just plain lies. He LIED about the real reason for voting in favor of partners benefits. It wasn't because of the gay issues. It was to ensure his then unmarried daughter with children and live in boyfriend would have insurance. He tells you "call anytime", my personal cell phone is public. When we did call you simply told us "I'm not a plumber". True but you were supposedly the leader and leaders are supposed to be at the helm during emergencies. He almost created a major disaster by offering armed security for the Mayor of Juarez. That's a State Department issue not local !Imagine if there had been a shooting.

He corrupted the Sister City program by using it as a pretext to intervene in another country's sovereignity. Isn't it odd that he wasn't voted as one of the best Mayors in the world? He never revealed that a PR firm on a retainer is responsible for finding titles for El Paso and its politicians. He embarrasses El Paso by greeting the President of the United States with a jar of cheap watered down salsa. He is a laughing stock with his guitar and horrible voice.

In the debate with Samaniego, he looked like a serial killer. While Ricardo looked professional and refreshing. A Nixon vs JFK moment.

I am your Knight in shining armor

The only difference between Cook and Crook is an R and thats not enough for me.

abandon hope

My $ is on Samaniego. If Cook wins, I'm packing my bags.


Cook is sweating bullets right now. His polls show he's behind 3 points. So everyone needs to vote for Ricardo !


Doesn't he look like chickotillo the Russian serial killer ?


Samaniego is not capable of running for any office. He nearly had a nervous breakdown in March from a simple campaign. He flies off the handle easily and is overwhelmed if you ask a simple question. He clearly has serious mental health issues and will be a detriment to the county whenever there is a sign of controversy. I mean the idiot went on TV and said he is going to target NON-VOTERS! I work at the county and I am a licensed therapist, I do not believe he can handle the pressures that come with this job. Enchilada dinners cannot save our county.


I have to agree with Breni. I am a veteran and I tried to help Samaniego in the early stages of his campaign. I volunteered to introduce him to the Valley residents mostly in Fabens and Clint. He was always disorganized and seemed overwhelmed. He has no idea how to take constructive criticism not to mention he has zero knowledge about how county government works. His campaign is a hard lesson in how NOT to run a campaign. He is a very disappointing individual and will be an even more disappointing judge.


Is anyone going to mention that he took a $15,000 contribution from developers in Houston that are against the arena? Man, you El Pasoans for Samaniego are stupid.

Careful what you state

I don't know where all these exaggerations are coming from. I talk or email at least once a day and never seen or heard him lose control or be close to a breakdown. I am probably one of his toughest critics and he took the criticism well. Javier, apparently you're inexperienced. Ask any candidate, everybody in town is a political genius. Once the campaign is announced the political wannabes storm the doors. Wait till any candidate wins. It's because you provided the key ingredient for victory.

Diagnosing someone from a distance is an old Soviet tactic. Want to silence someone ? Just say something negative about their mental state. This so called "licensed" therapist requires some therapy. The comments are unprofessional and slanderous. How about you're deposed about your comments? You're so sure, give us contact information so we can arrange a deposition.

As for his creditability with government management, he's managed many state programs and is a successful business man. Anyone can tax and spend into debt levels. But, it takes intelligence to manage a budget successfully.

The $15000 came from an individual that believes in preservation of history and architecture. On the other hand, the other guy is a Tasmanian devil with a bulldozer. He does with structures and budgets. Did you overlook his list of contributors?

I understand you want your guy elected but let's not spin or spread lies.

Won't be watching anymore

Last nights xtra discussion between Samaniego and Cook was one sided and obviously Stehanie Guardian was biased.

Review the show yourself. You will cook giving 5 minutes answers and being prompted for a longer answer. Samaniego was given very limited time to answer and received constant reminders that they were short on time or they had to go to the next question.

The show is rigged in favor of whomever she favors. This has happen too many times. So much for an unbiased show


Careful what you state, threats on a blog? Looks like Javier hit a nerve. Something must be true about poor worthless Samaniego.

Get a life

All of you commenting are pathetic. Tomorrow it’s all over. Cook takes it by 62%.

Sour grapes

None whatsoever. It's not a threat if the therapist will provide contact information she can be deposed.

As for Javier, he's entitled to his observation. If bother to read, Javier was upset because his advice wasn't accepted. Every candidate has wannabe campaign managers storming the doors. My attitude, make the offer if not accepted. Move on.

Win with 62%, I really doubt that. If he was behind 3% yesterday by his own polls. If anything he will lose and will I will predict By 5%. It will be close.

Get a life

Deposed? Do you even know how that word is used by regular English speakers. Samaniego lost every precinct. I’m glad you have such faith but Samaniego winning would be as close of a miracle as the Resurrection. Samaniego has no way to victory.

Sour grapes

you certainly don't , or you would know meaning and legal procedures. List every precinct ? Go ask cook his HIS polls indicated 3% loss on votes.

Stop trying to present a false image. Right now your image is one of ignorance.

Go do something useful.

Maria C.

Sour grapes, you are a certified psycho like Careful what you State. I am going to do something useful and go vote for Cook right now!

Duh, which way do I go

Maria C if you follow the yellow footprints you might do something useful or just follow the stench to your heros booth.

Maria C.

Duh, which way do I go, I know who you are.

He's gone !

Well, just I stated it would be a close vote with 5% margin as I couldn't see cook making the 3% loss on Saturday.

My guess cook will ask for a recount but it won't any good.

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