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old poor brown man

Cook is an old rich white guy, so why did he lose ?

Rico Suave

"Best Man Won"...EZ yet you make it racial.

Convert to Cook

I guess Max hasnt read the latest in the Times. Samaniego hired a convicted felon to run his campaign. Samaniego is a piece of shit.


Samaniego hired said felon's firm last summer. When he learned of his felony record, he dropped the firm in July. Samaniego had a team of volunteers advising him during the run off and one of the members paid for voter walking lists generated by the felon without Samaniego's knowledge. If he had any incling that the felon was in any way involved he would have had us go elsewhere to buy the lists. The felon taking credit for Samaniego's win is akin to the guy who sells footballs to the NFL claiming he is the reason for a Superbowl victory. This felon is an opprtunist and a fame monger. No intelligent person would take his claim seriously.

Ray's Kitchen


You obviously don't know shit about campaigns. Good luck with your volunteers, that also, don't know shit about campaigns.



Just laying out the facts, Ray. Good luck to you as well on whatever it is you are trying to do to make the world a better place.

Get a life

Everyone in political circles know that Carlos Sierra has Chris Acosta do his dirty work. She tries to get him hired on almost any campaign that she gets involved in. Sierra is not a reputable consultant. Let’s see how Chris Acosta, Enrique Moreno, Jaime Esparza in kind their time on Samaniego’s report. We’re all watching.

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