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Maria C.

Wow, Susie is a real powerplayer with dumb (Alessandra) and dumber (Cassandra).

Who Cares

And the former CM has a lot of sway over Cassandra.


the former CM has killed this city. I think Bankruptcy is looming for us. Sarasota or Ft.Myers or where ever she was up for that job a while back should thank their lucky stars they didn't hire her.


Cassandra is a whiner. I can't imagine Susie gets on the horn to tell her to whine incessantly until she gets what she wants....oh wait a minute, I can imagine it


Everything is a conspiracy to you guys and Susie and Vero are pulling the strings right? Amazing.


By-Tor, its sad but true. These women leave nothing to chance, they talk often about destroying people's careers, political lives, etc. What other town in Texas would elect a former chola, that has a record of stealing and assault to city council? Only in El Paso, where the media is run by a couple of wanna be king makers.


Come on Man. I may agree with you on the e-mail thing and deep state at the city, but this is just a deflection of the vote on the West Side PSB land. Margo broke the tie. That land was supposed to be protected. It isn't now.
Your big on hiking Max. Hunt just got the Lost Dog Trail.

Respect private property

Some of that trail trespasses onto privately owned land. Maybe that owner should kick everyone off.

David Crowder

A couple of things about Reps. Hernandez and Annello. 1. They don't vote together on some important issues, and 2. They're the only members of City Council willing to take press calls to explain their positions. The rest of council, including the Mayor, is unreachable or they speak in staff written statements.

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