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Who Cares

Exactly. I don’t get why all the attention on Carlos. So what. It’s over. Move on. I am sure there are more worthy stories to cover now that the elections are over. Vero continues to look like a bitch about the whole Dori thing. Move on Vero-your hate will destroy your health.

Get a life

How pathetic do you have to be to claim your stake on a candidate on Facebook. Whoever this guy is, he is pathetic and sad. What a loser.

Quit lying to El Paso

What is more interesting is all the people he named as responsible for his victory. Their services should also be properly reported on his campaign finance report. I would like to know what Enrique Moreno and Jaime Esparza did for him in legal services.

Tio Taco

Why would any potential candidate NOT want to hire Carlos Sierra? The vato wins and has an edge to him. This what El Paso needs - enough with the suck ups.


Carlos Sierra is a nasty vile piece of feces. He delves deep into personsal lives and uses them as weapons to win. He was accused of molestation, he has no businesses in politics. Let’s be real his little smear campaign complete with billboards did nothing for Fenebock, Vero still whooped that ass.

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