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Third world county

Don't believe what's happening here?

Look at the rotation of the elected positions. Escobars people are all lined up to take their move up the ladder in a prearranged move. This is exactly why El Paso is so backward, in serious debt, corrupt. They keep the people dumb, throw a few candies to keep them happy and do as they please without fear of consequences.

I will do the same thing

Lol, I agree with everybody here: Escobyrd and her minions are the problem. Yet I see no one here dared to run for office, any office.

Just pure barking here folks.


I remember that kid with the beard launched some truth bombs during his mayoral campaign about EP. I voted for him, but no one else did.


"...They keep the people dumb..."
NO, THE PEOPLE ARE DUMB. It is a low signal-to-noise-ratio culture that does not vote and is ill-informed. More people turn out for a monster truck rally than for an election. If 1,000 turn out for a CC election (out of a 70,000 pop. district) and 70 % vote for one candidate, the news calls it a land slide rather than what is is - a flash mob.

A few wealthy builders, developers and investors make a lot of money off of this sad situation by paying for local politicians and officials who dutifully (and legally) deliver the goods to them in a reverse Robin Hood local economy.

And people wonder why El Paso grows but doesn't prosper and its best young talent beats feet out of town.

abandon hope

We folk aren't concerned about how the EP Slimes reports anything because no one here reads it. You sound like DavidK when you refer to readers as "you folk." A bad sign.

Lost in Space

Young people usually leave the hometown after college just to see the world. I would say most leave because there are no real jobs, high taxes and backward.

The area doesn't prosper because this is the nonprofit capital of the world along with being an unofficial sanctuary city. Plus we have a government that doesn't understand it is private industry that creates an economy not them. They've spent and spent almost a billion dollars and still nothing to show for it. Then we have those that don't get it El Paso of yesterday is gone forever. The ONLY reason it was buzzing before us because it as was the gateway to sin city. For all the talk about being safe, There's still people that disappear and due.

Fix El Paso for us not the fanatsy island people.


Send an email to the atty general

Augustus Snodgrass

Both San Antonio and Austin are "Sanctuary" Cities and they seem to be doing just fine. In fact, Austin was voted by US News and World Report as #1 and San Antonio #14. Not too bad for "Sanctuary Cities". El Paso was at the bottom of the list at around #135.

"The area does not prosper" is correct. There is no industry and because of lack of foresight going back to the 60's and 70's, there has been no "Master Plan." Just make as much as the Powers that Be could do. Once the blue jeans capitol of the world has been shifted to the poorest 3rd World Country.

So yes, people move away because if anyone has aspirations or dreams, they surely will not be fulfilled in El Paso. Sure, its a great place to raise a family and it is relatively cheap to live in---consider housing in California and Austin's prices are going through the roof. It will never be an Austin, San Antonio, San Diego or a place where ambitious people want to start a business.

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