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I'm not following the storyboard here. Who is Forma? Am I missing something?


The bottom line is that Susie would rather pay GAFSCON $10K a month than to support local businesses. SHAME ON YOU SUSIE! Leave your biases for church.

Max Powers


Forma is an evil corporation.




Breni, try $10,000 a Day. That’s what Byrd was approving


Well Max. I think you will likely light a fire under Jaime’s ass to attack Forma. He’s ready and aimed at attacking anything and everyone Forma touches. He rants like a jealous ex wife about how their ex is living large and they are to be blamed for Trump being elected and for Hillary not being elected, how taxes are high and then schools are underfunded. What is your affiliation with Forma, Max?


If the EPISD board had as much concern for the safety of its students there would be one more alive today.

Mexican cujo

Fiesta, Jaime is like a rabid dog that will attack anything for a bone. He will attack his children, girlfriend, anyone that doesn't agree with him. Like many dogs he would attack a mirror image of himself.


If you let your emotions get the best of you. You keep harping on Susie and Vero long after the elections..

Fact checker

Gafcon is a San Diego construction company that has never done any political consulting. It did no political consulting in the congressional race.


Read Today's TIMES. Brags about El Paso being number 1 for living comfortable for under $60,000. But no mentioned that we are number 2 for highest taxes in the US. No mention of San Antonio and Arlington is on another list for under $50,000. Nor does it mention that those two cities gave lower taxes and higher wages.


Fact checker. Gafcon took you for a ride like a dumb whore that gets in a fancy car for a night. Wake up pretty woman and take a hike.

Fact checker

Fenenbock voted to award the contract to Gafcon, not Byrd. It was a contract for bond oversight, not consulting. You all are confusing Gafcon with Scott Himelstein, the $1,500 a day consultant for Fenenbock and Cabrera who also did work for Gafcon (and other vendors that did business with the district.)

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