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Yes, celebrating a done deal does seem a little odd.

Oops, 8 Aces

Why is it the same are always in the news about questionable conduct? Doesn't anyone notice the oddity.

As for dropping the law suit, well you can't fight city hall. Especially when they're holding all the cards and even a few extra up the sleeve.

To date the two hospital board members that volunteered that they committed fraud and no one has been indicted or prosecuted. But then I suppose that is based on ego. Somewhere, plz change the cat litter. The cat has been for awhile and still stinks.

Who Cares

I am sure the celebration was at the Kentucky Club in Juarez. It’s no secret that Vero, Susie and the rest of the cabal meet there regularly to plot against El Pasoans and come up with plans to take over the city. Wonder if our current congressman joins them.

F.A. Sommerfeld

If they are meeting at the Kentucky Club, that makes me like them more, not less. Rich Wright can ascertain whether these meetings are taking place.

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