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Well said. Escobar is such a phoney!

use and abuse escobar

Escobar will use any method necessary to win the election. She is mesmerized by power, without it she is a withered weed. She uses any group that serves her needs. she is so despicable with the goal to be first Latina.

Who Cares

I thought that was a dumb move by El Paso County Dems. We all know that Republicans voting in the Democratic primary in 2012 was the only way O’Rourke was going to win. All the media in El Paso are so excited that so many Dems voted in the primary. They refuse to put a disclaimer that says we have open primaries which means a voter can vote in the primary of their choice regardless of party affiliation.

abandon hope

Warn all she wants, Texas is an open primary state. Registered voters may vote in either primary. Some voters always vote Rep or Dem, but many actually vote for the candidate, not the party. In El Paso, the pragmatic voter choses the Democratic primary because that is where there is a choice. Many times there is no Republican opponent, so the Democratic primary decides the winner. Escobar may as well be complaining about the wind in El Paso. Her rhetoric is getting windy.


That's funny. Her husband is a Republican from what it looks like to me. Did she tell him not to vote ? I watched a Veronica ad on TV and she obviously
has someone from Juarez(a woman) doing the ad with a strong Mexican accent. I started laughing wondering if her husband had the woman deported after the recording !

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