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Okay Gandhi

Gandhi's Tutor

Better than Jim Jones. His medication stopped the aging process.

Very true, your outside is who you are inside.

Who Cares

All that partying with BFF Vero and other’s takes its toll. Maybe she read the article onEl Paso women choosing to go gray naturally. Most women do not wear that color well and she is one of them. Plus the stress of keeping the Shapleigh campers in power takes its toll. She looks pretty bad in the current Day picture.

abandon hope

Gotta agree with you. But, it's really not the gray hair. Perhaps it's her heart of darkness.

The Raging Chihuahua

That picture isn't exactly Charlie's Angels-esque, more like Chucky's She-Devils.


So your girl lost the election and this is what you have been reduced to? Making fun of Vero and Byrd's looks?

Keep it classy bro.

abandon hope

Sorry By-Tor but I thought the same thing about Suzie's picture even before Max shed his light upon it. The internal compass is reflected in appearance. Vero and Dori have it together. Suzie and Max's buddy Norma need to work on it. Has nothing to do with sexism. The same applies to guys and everyone in between.


Blanco looks young because he doesn’t work like the others. Pendejo grew a beard cos he got lepracy or something on that puto face or somting. Mas feo que la chingada.

F.A. Sommerfeld

Who's the blonde in the middle of the Susie-Vero sandwich?

Who Cares

Allegedly it’s Tracy Yellen. If so, she is the CEO now of the Paso del Norte Health Foundation.


Paso del Norte Health Foundation ? Isn't that where Hunt hires all the Shapliegh people ? Isn't Susie's sister a doctor there and now Yellen ? Basically a pay to play Foundation ?

Who Cares

Tracy got the job because of Myrna Deckert pushing the board to hire her. Susie has a sister that is a doctor?

indignant liar

This is a shocker. Jaime tweeted the other day that he was upset because he had to explain to his kid what a "playmate" and a "porn" star were. It's Trump fault according to Jaimie.

This coming from the guy that had to plead bargain to avoid going to prison for showing his daughter a porn flick of her mother with another man. Then becomes upset because he wasn't guilty and the sentence proves its.

😠 I did NOT watch THAT porn flick with MY DAUGHTER ! Clinton defense.

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