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Juarez celebrated the victory of their new representative.

Who Cares

Yeah maybe she should have had her party at the Kentucky Club. The good news is if Vero wins she will be gone and forgotten. Can't hurt anything or anyone in El Paso anymore. If she wants to stay in Dem leadership good graces she will have to raise a butt load of money for leadership and I don't think she will get it from El Pasoans. She will need to go back to the PAC's, Unions and special interests that she got $115,000+ from for her primary run.

Next question - will Susie be unleashed now to wreck havoc at EPISD and continue to make unsubstantiated claims against the super and Dori?


Vero will vote exactly how she's told to vote but no doubt she'll take up for the Palestinians. She evidently doesn't like Jews. But what about Mr. Veronica? Will he stay behind or take off for DC and hope he can get another GOP appointment in the district?

Who Cares

No Mr. Veronica will stay home to take care of the house and feed the cats. Susie will be Veronica’s Plus one for all the DC parties.


We just elected Larry Medina to a judicial office. Way to go idiots


JAIME ABEYTIA....WHY HAS NOT BEEN ARRESTED? So this loser has kids all over the place and can't support any of them. So I see that he is SBOE'S Georgina Perez new side kick. We see him driving around in her SUV. I guess he's found another sugar mama to support him. Our the people's tax dollars going towards the expenses and dinners she provides to Jaime? Kathryn....she must be proud sleep to a dead beat fraud that rather than get a real Job he sits on his fat @$ and blogs. EPISD and Student Board of Education should think twice when hiring these two woman. The fact that they knew he has warrant for child support and a open case here in El Paso but still support him is disgusting. Veronica,Vince and all these politicians that protect him should not be in office. Our system is corrupt. Jaime is a bad,horrible and most of all a disgrace to human kind If I were his kid I'd be embarrassed. He has no morals and will cross anyone to get what he wants.His parents should be sadden they raised a monster. KARMA ....

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