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Who Cares

Not doing well in that her EPISD audit is troubling? Did BFF Vero already dump her? Or going through withdrawal since there are no campaigns to work on except City council for November and no one wants her?


You forgot to mention Mary Gonzalez. If I were her, I would be running to the Tiguas to make nice. Word is that they could very well be getting gaming back in a year or two and that would leave little Miss Mary in a bad place. I also here they will be getting a PAC together to make it clear that they have the money to be players in the local scene. Mary may have her seat but she will be all alone.


Samaniego is done. He clearly has a mental illness if he expects to win by talking to non-voters. Might as well run in Juarez, pendejo. It's Judge Cook for now. Too bad no Latinos could step up to the plate.


I agree. Did you see Samaniego FB post complaining about the results? Face it Samaniego, you dont know how to run your bullshit campaign committee and you wont know how to run the county.

Proof we have drone voters

Honestly, I don't think Samaniego is done.

I want somebody that will take the call at 3am, I want somebody that knows that anyone can send but it takes an intelligent man to spend wisely, I don't want somebody that talks a good game of how government should function but leaves you wondering so why did your administration fail. I don't want somebody that flys around like a vulture looking their next tax meal.I don't want someone that believes he can sing what an embarrassement. I don't want someone that greets the President of the US with a bottle of cheap BBQ sauce to promote himself. I don't want someone that leaves town and on his return he finds his house has been demolished. I don't want someone that looks sounds cold and robotic when he says "I am blessed" and doesn't even look at you when saying it. I don't want someone that's like he belongs on a Kellogg's box. I don't want someone that lies about his support of gays and his vote.

But, then this is El Paso where a non candidate receives over 11000 votes !


Ramona - you obviously don't know state politics. Gambling ain't gonna happen as long as Abbott is Governor. Tiguas may have the money but they don't have the clout. Keep wishing.


NOSY. What I do know is that we have a self identified pansexual accusing a Native American of playing identity politics. So with that, I would say I have seen it all and anything can happen. So shove your nose into that pile.


Ramona, dont be so angry!

Even the kitchen sink

The young lady played the sane card Escobar did, first Latina and now the first Native American. It just didn't work.

I don't find fault with the identity thing, people campaign to win. So as long it's not criminal. Heck, I might run as the first cross eyed Mexican from El Paso .

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