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If the city stops giving the county the annual $40MM, the county will find another way to tax it out of us. Zero sum game. I agree the timing is political as was Wilson's delaying the stadium bond sale to give Steve a break.

city resident

I don't like paying any taxes but I think I get some value from my city taxes. I get nothing except the Sheriff department and jail from the county. I'm paying for services to the unincorporated areas of the county -- parks and roads and, oh, I almost forgot -- the Children's Hospital! The county is poorly run and if there is any way to gove them less money to waste, I would support it.

Fact checker

The city isn't "handing over" anything. Voters approved the county sales tax in 1987. It's not a gift from the city.

Max Powers


And 11,000 people also voted for Luis Aguilar.

What is your point?

It is still really fucking stupid that the City is handing over money to the County.



Fact Checker

The city is not handing over anything. It never had the money. The city is authorized by voters to collect a penny sales tax for general operations and a half penny for transit. The county is authorized by voters to collect a half penny for general operations. Margo’s story that the city has been “giving” the county millions of dollars isn’t true.

Max Powers


Call giving or call it forgoing, the City of El Paso is the only major city in Texas doing this.

If this were proposed today it would not pass.



Who Cares

In 1987 when the county beat the city to the half-percent left of the sales tax allowed they promised to cut the county tax rate in half. Well - what was the county tax rate in 1987 after cutting it? Bet now its 10 times higher than it was in 1987. Guess the county failed to inform the voters they only cut it for one tax year and kept raising it after that.


The county is a waste. David stout is a douche and cook is about to be a bigger douche on court. Sorry, those losers shouldn’t get another dime from the taxpayer. Tell David to stop traveling the world on my dime

Como Friegan

Progressives don't give a damn about taxes. They don't give a damn about taxing the crap out of the same people they claim to want to give a "living wage" to.
They waste tons of money to fulfill the vision of their dumb ass utopia while they laugh behind closed doors at the same people that enable their elitist lifestyle.

El Paso just doesn't get it

just remember who the county judge was. A major source of mismanagement, waste and taxes. Remember this when you vote for the new county judge. Same as the first verse.

Old Fart

For a way to at least put a lid on the level of yearly local property tax increases, here's an online article you might check out:

texastribune.org article, “Going further than prior proposals, Abbott unveils a plan to slow Texas property tax growth,” BY BRANDON FORMBY AND PATRICK SVITEK, JAN. 16, 2018,10 AM, which states: “Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday unveiled a plan to limit annual local governments’ property tax revenue growth to 2.5 percent. To increase revenue beyond that, governments would need approval from two-thirds of voters.”

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