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Define insanity.

This is another of the "I am leaving" but stay idiots. I don't why he believes that people still to read his garbage. Just when I was considering renewing my subscription. Nope, at last long he is beng published.

Even the fish wrapped in newspaper can't stand him.

Who Cares

He was instrumental in the 16th Congressional race and openly supported Veronica. He did all the open records requests to EPISD after being pointed in the right direction by a current EPISD trustee. Certain former city council members and even City manager adore the guy-even helped host a good bye party for him. Except he never left. It’s a shame he got co-opted by certain elected officials. We all had hope when he returned to El Paso Times that he would be a fair and balanced editor like he was before. That never happened.

The Raging Chihuahua

I think it's safe to say that in Moore's case, "freelancer" is a dignified way of saying retired and/or unemployed. I do command an abundance of prestige and power in this town, so if Bob really needs a job, I'm pretty sure I could pull enough strings and get him one. All he has to do is wear a cloth 'Statue of Liberty' costume and hold a sign saying "Tax refunds on the same day!"

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