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Smart Chola

Beto is very uninspiring. His speeches are boring. Cruz is captivating whether you agree with him or not.
If Beto starts gaining traction, all Cruz has to do is paint him as a gun grabber who loves Mexican kids more than Texans.
Hopefully it doesn’t get that ugly.

Who Cares

Check out Beto’s voting record for the last 6 years. Ask yourself and your neighbors just exactly what did Beto do for El Paso. Did he “bring home the bacon”? Did he help attract new industries to El Paso? All he ever talked about was the VA. Why is it still getting very poor ratings? Why are there still problems?


What's funny about his nickname Beto is you can bet his mother did that so if he ever became a politician people would think he is Hispanic. His father was one. This is the same woman who did 9,999.00 cash deposits at the furniture store, right ? That's called "Structuring Deposits" and don't think she didn't know it was wrong even though she only got a slap on the hand. This woman was on the Federal Deposit Board and she didnt know ? That's Bullcheet. . The thing she got wrong with the nickname is that "Tito" is the short version for Roberto in Spanish. If I were Cruz I would start calling him Tito, as in "Little Robert" at Political Rally's and see how he deals with that.

As far as "Tito" is concerned, he voted against eminent domain on the Border Wall issue and didn't recuse himself from a city council vote that involved his father in law and the same thing. Beto is a Congressman because of his father in law. He was able to move the rail yard to Santa T where his father in law owns many properties. He is the best Congressman the State of New Mexico has ever had IMHO. Oh, and he only ran for office to get his father in law off his ass and prove to him he was worthy. Beto just wants to smoke pot and be in a band again and chill IMHO.

abandon hope

Yes, Beto abused the conflict of interest clause on every Downtown Plan vote on which he refused to recuse himself. Forget the lousy City Attorney (who has since moved away) for not enforcing the conflict of interest clause. Beto should have voluntarily recused himself. That alone shows his lack of ethics.

Beto knew long, long before the rest of us what was being planned by the wealthy elite for downtown. Way back, during his first term on Council he kept talking about the "God awful" City Hall and how it should be torn down. The building had to go for the sake of downtown redevelopment, not because it needed work, but because of its location. Let those the taxpayers pick up the tab.

Wonder if Cruz will get ahold of the video showing Beto falling down drunk and Suzie Byrd slapping him on his keister.

Every time I drive down a congested city street that is being re-striped for bicycle lanes that no one uses, I regret I only have one vote to cast against Beto.

He learned well from Shapleigh.

Rico Suave

Maybe if Ms. Norma has used as her name Normita or Neta or Beta...just saying

The Raging Chihuahua

So let me get this straight - the hispanic guy changed his name to appear to be white and the white guy changed his name to appear to be hispanic? The good news for Beto is, is that if (when) he loses, his political stock/significance in the Texas Democratic Party will continue to rise. The bad news is being a prominent democrat in Texas is the equivalent of being the tallest female in a semi crowded elevator.


The razing of City Hall and a museum for a Ballpark was a huge El Paso wealthy elite boondoggle. They told the citizens they didn’t need our vote because it was an economic development project and not a quality of life project. After the demolition was complete it was put on the ballot to declare it a quality of life project so they could raise the Hotel Occupancy Tax to the highest in Texas “to pay for the ballpark” or your property tax will go up...of course property taxes are skyrocketing anyhow. The economic development projects and quality of life projects have yet to attract a single large industry employer to El Paso. No, I don’t think we need that type of cronie politics in the Senate. Beto has gone along with every Pelosi/Schumer backed action like the political lap dog that he’s always been.

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